• Geyser of the Tatio

    Visit: field geothermal, hot springs village of Machuca.

  • Spa of Puritama

    The baths of Puritama are 30 km from San Pedro de Atacama, its temperature throughout the year is between 32 ° C and 33 ° C.

  • Altiplanic lagoons

    Visited: Toconao Socaire Laguna chaxa Salar of Atacama pinkie will observe flamingos.

  • Valley of the Moon

    Located in the area of the mountain range of the salt, extraordinary visited: Valley of the to death, pensione caves of salt stone of the koyote.

  • Cejar lagoon

    visited: Cejar Salt Lake Tebinquinche lagoons hidden eyes.

  • Stones Red

    We visit: town socaire lagoon plateau then to the solitude of the landscape of red rocks.